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2024 Ultimate Life Planner in Wild Neutral

2024 Ultimate Life Planner in Wild Neutral

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The 2024 Ultimate Life Planner in Wild Neutral is used on iPads and tablet devices running on iOS, Android, and Windows 10. Please note that you will need to have a PDF annotation app installed on your device in order to use the planners.This planner contain 577 pages including:

*2024&2025 Calendars

*Finance Pages: various trackers for Savings and Budgeting (Expenses, Bills, Debt and Financial Goals)

*Productivity Pages: Project Planner, Pomodoro Tracker, Work Week Plan, Personal Growth Plan, Lists, etc.

*Goal-Setting Pages: Annual Goals, My Goals, Savings Goals, Vision Board, 12-month Vision, etc.

*Life and Home Pages: Cleaning Schedule, Meal Plan, Recipes, Password & Birthday Trackers, etc.

*Health, Fitness and Self-Care Pages: Trackers for Mood, Fitness, Workout & Habits, etc.

*Affirmation Pages: Mood Boards for Gratitude, Dreams, & Positivity, as well as Winning Journal, Letting Go, etc.

*Miscellaneous Pages: Routines, Various Lists (To Do, Reading, Gratitude, etc)

*Blank Templates for Customization - Custom Pages, Favorites, Various Trackers and Blank Lined, Dotted and Grid Pages

*Monthly Pages : Monthly Calendar View, Monthly Goals, Monthly Reflections, 30-day Challenge

*Weekly Pages : Weekly Goals, Weekly Calendar View

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